Techra XC-5B XCarb Series Drum Sticks - Carbon Fiber 5B

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Techra presents XCarb: the lightest, fastest powerful drumsticks available to the modern drummer. You won't believe how light these XCarb sticks are, and the speeds that you can achieve as a result will amaze your fellow drummers! Players using these light weight drumsticks will experience noticeably less fatigue whilst playing, allowing for extended play times and intensity that doesn't let up. In terms of sound, XCarb produces some of the best tones ever from non-wood sticks. XCarb is the "Rolls Royce" of Carbon sticks! Thanks to Techra's anti-vibration system you will find unwanted vibrations reduced considerably and this also contributes to the perfect balance of the XCarb sticks. In the words of Peter Yttergren (who plays for Bobby Kimball formerly of Toto), "Impressive sticks! Perfect balance and weight, XCarb lets me play with finesse, speed and power, but with less effort and stress!" How many pairs of wooden drumsticks do you break? With XCarb, you will find that your sticks l