Techra XC-5A XCarb Series Drum Sticks - Carbon Fiber 5A

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Techra X-Carb Series drumsticks are a revelation for modern day drummers. These sticks have the perfect juxtaposition between weight and balance. Traditionally the heavier drumsticks naturally enhance projection and power but it comes at a price… Fatigue! Techra X-Carb sticks are extremely lightweight without feeling like you are air drumming, enabling the player to play for extended periods of time. Furthermore, the balance increases the power produced through the stick and projects the entire kit with no extra effort. Sonically you would be hard pushed to hear a real difference between the X-Carb and nylon tipped wooden sticks. The tip of the stick when playing hi-hat or ride patterns produce a more focused and bright tone, whilst the shoulder of the stick allows the cymbal to fully open up. Even your classic 1, 2, 3, 4 count in sounds remarkably similar to wooden sticks. Thanks to Techra’s anti-vibration system you will find a dramatic reduction in unwanted vibrations enhancing feel. This also contributes to the perfect balance across the whole Techra range. In the words of Peter Yttergren (drummer for Bobby Kimball formerly of Toto), “Impressive sticks! Perfect balance and weight, X-Carb lets me play with finesse, speed and power, but with less effort and stress!” So, how many pairs of wooden sticks do you break? With X-Carb, you will find that your sticks will last on average, 4 times longer than their wooden counterparts. The benefits of moving to carbon sticks do not stop there! Not only do these stick last longer, but Techra sticks are made from sustainable materials. Do something good for the environment - Leave the wood in the forest and use Carbon!