Schlagwerk SJ110HC Sam Jam - Hard Coal Stripes

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With more than 30 years of Cajon construction experience, Schlagwerk set out to develop a “snare drum” that was suitable for guitars but with a sound and aesthetic that would allow it to be integrated perfectly into the world of acoustic guitars. SamJam - The Guitar Snare, is the perfect groove expansion for your guitar. With SamJam - The Guitar Snare, you can turn your guitar into a rhythm instrument with a snare sound based on the sound of Schlagwerk’ s Cajon. SamJam - The Guitar Snare, uses the sound box from a guitar to allow the snare sound to develop fully. The Snare Buzz Control Magnet is used to perfectly adapt SamJam - The Guitar Snare, to the range of different guitar bodies and their individual sound and vibration characteristics, and prevent disruptive vibrations. Particular attention was paid to the way it is mounted: SamJam - The Guitar Snare, is attached using an adhesive made from natural materials, meaning SamJam - The Guitar Snare, can be removed from the guitar simply and without a trace in seconds.