Techra PWR-5B Power Series Drum Sticks - 5B

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The Power range of glass fibre drumsticks from Techra was developed to provide the main technical characteristics required by any drummer: balance, control, rigidity and vibration absorption. These highly durable drumsticks have been designed to have the same weight as wooden sticks, with perfect balance and great control. They are also equipped with an anti-vibration device to help dissipate unwanted natural vibrations of the drumsticks. This combination of technical characteristics results in high performance drumsticks which create a powerful sound on toms, rims and cymbals. Perfect balance allows the drummer to have a great feeling playing any kind of music, with greater response on fast playing. As the weight of the sticks is the same as wood, you can use the same force and playing technique - no need to change your playing style! The Power 5B is designed for rock music, bands and practice kits, with power and dynamics. Good treble and medium on the cymbals and well-balanced with the bass on the toms. It is a durable alternative to traditional drumsticks.