Techra HOTG-5B Hammer of the Gods Series Drum Sticks - Carbon Fiber 5B

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Introducing: Techra’s Hammer of the Gods drumsticks. These carbon monsters are the most powerful and durable drumsticks ever made - a real hammer perfect to pound the drums! Hammer of the Gods drumsticks have been developed for heavy metal players and other drummers who like to play at full force. These sticks produce more volume than alternatives made from traditional materials without compromising on handling. A rubber tip is located at the bottom of the drumstick which helps in absorbing the vibrations, up to 30% less than traditional sticks. Longevity is another aspect where the Hammer of the Gods strikes a resounding blow against wooden sticks. Typically, drummers will find that the Hammer of the Gods sticks will last up to seven times longer. Touring and recording artist Mike Hansen (Hurricane, Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet, George Lynch and more) is one of many players delighted with these new sticks, saying “Hammer of the Gods gives me the pure definition I need on my cymbals and the strength and durability I need to pound my drums” As well as the benefits to the player, there is also a wider global benefit in using Carbon sticks - think how many trees are cut down to produce drumsticks? Do something good for the environment - Leave the wood in the forest, use Carbon!