Ufip FX-18PCH Effects Collection 18 Inch Power China Cymbal

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Product Description

Since 1931, UFIP produces the finest cymbals in the world! What sets UFIP apart from all the rest, is our unique casting process, called Rotocasting®. While every other cymbal available on the market is the result of a process of rolling and subsequent force pressing, UFIP professional B20 Rotocast cymbals are created through a procedure of centrifuge-casting. This process ensures the removal of all the impurities present in the alloy bronze, granting at the same time a greater thickness of the bell compared to those cymbals obtained by simple rolling and pressing. UFIP cymbal is a truly unique instrument; from casting to tempering, hammering to finishing every process is completed by hand, with machinery only ever being used in support of our skilled and dedicated Cymbal Smith. The result is an instrument that is as individual as you are as a drummer. UFIP is not a mass product; it has been created using the finest, purest and most sonorous bell bronze B20 (20% Tin, 80% Copper). No other alloy can offer such tonal character and dynamic range. For your next cymbal don't choose by name... trust your ears! Play the difference!