Techra ER-7A E-Rhythm Series Drum Sticks - Carbon Fiber 7A

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E-Rhythm by Techra is the first range of drumsticks designed specifically for electronic drums. These new sticks have been designed to reduce the sound of a wooden or plastic tip against electronic drum pads or warm up practice pads - expect up to 25% impact noise reduction. The rubber tips responsible for this reduction are chemically and perfectly bonded to the sticks through a process called Chembond. Weight, durability and vibration levels are similar to conventional drumsticks so they will play like your favorite pair right from the first hit. Whether you’re looking for sticks to suit your electric kit, for practice pad warm ups or even something new for expressive cymbal work, E-Rhythm will earn its place in your stick bag. The benefits of E-Rhythm sticks extend beyond your drum kit. Techra drumsticks are made from sustainable materials. Do something good for the environment - Leave the wood in the forest, use Carbon!